"SAE Institute Byron Bay was delighted to be a part of the Popped Creative Laneway Activation as a Gold Sponsor. SAE saw sponsoring artist NITSUA as a great way to support the project and the local creative community as a whole. SAE was also offered a work placement opportunity for an SAE film student to collaborate with the Popped Creative team, and gain industry experience and mentorship from local filmmaker Nolan Verheij. The event was lots of fun, and showcased the power of creative collaboration". 

Holly Erickson

SAE Creative Media Institute, Byron Bay

"We are group in our 60’s & 70’s. We visited from Sydney and Lismore for the event. We were met with the most lovely, friendly and professional young people from the service staff to the artists to the event crew, all flourishing in their creativity and crafts, and doing something great for their community. The art was impressive too. It was refreshing and delightful to see".

Popped Patrons

"Thanks again for allowing us to be part of such a great event.

The Byron Bay community has always fostered creative talent, and we are proud to have been able to support this talent as part of the overhaul of Surf Alley. Here’s to the next creative activation!"

Emilie Emond

Byron Bay Cookie Co. 

"The positive impact this event had upon the Art, Culture and nightlife of Byron Bay was outstanding. Everyone knows Byron Bay is ones of Australia's most popular destinations however the Popped event took everything Byron Bay, to the next level! What I really loved, was how Popped embraced everything local, natural & raw then delivered such a magnificent event.Being part of Popped Creative was an absolute pleasure, a brilliant experience and like all others, I too am yearning for more!"

Andrew "Woody" Woodburn

Bullseye Security

" It was great to be part of the Popped event. And as much as there was an obvious community benefit in terms of the enjoyment people experienced at the event and the legacy of a rejuvenated laneway… my greatest experience was being part of a professional, friendly and hard working team facilitated and managed by the Popped team. The legacy of that experience are ongoing connections and partnerships through which we all continue to serve the community".

Phil Preston

STEER Project Coordinator

"Thanks for giving us the chance to collaborate with you on such an awesome event. It's really refreshing to see artists and businesses coming together to celebrate art and contributing to Byron's culture. We are always happy to support local artists and talents in making this town vibrant. We hope that Popped will continue to make art shine in the Bay".

 Jeff Bennett

Three Blue Ducks